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US Endurocross, Rnd 4, Washington, 11/9/2010

Four from four as Taddy wins in Washington

Claiming his fourth consecutive win in the ’10 US Endurocross championship KTM Enduro Factory Team rider Taddy Blazusiak has further extended his lead at the top of the prestigious indoor enduro series. Picking up win #4 inside the Comcast Arena in Everett, WA, Blazusiak maintained his so far perfect season despite a mistake early in the night’s final, which forced him to work his way from mid-pack to battle past early race leader Geoff Aaron and into the lead.

Third fastest in the Hot Laps qualifying session Taddy claimed yet another heat race win to move into the final as favourite to top the main event podium. Claiming the all-important holeshot before launching himself off the track Taddy was forced to fight his way back towards the race leaders. Needing just one lap to pick-up the second place position, Blazusiak moved ahead of Geoff Aaron on lap seven and then steadily pulled away. Claiming the chequered flag for the fourth time in four finals so far this year Taddy once again proved to be simply too strong for his rivals.

Round five of the US Endurocross series, where Blazusiak can win the ’10 US Endurocross title, takes place in Denver, CO on October 30.

Taddy Blazusiak: ‘This was a much more eventful final that at the earlier rounds of the championship, but I got the win again so I’m happy. It was fun having to work my way to the front. The last few races I’ve had good starts and lead from the front – having to think about passing riders made it interesting. It didn’t take me long to get up behind Geoff Aaron and although it took a while to get in front of him once I did everything went well. Apart from my mistake after getting the holeshot the whole night went well. Third fastest in the Hot Laps qualifying session was ok, and then winning my heat race gave me a good pick of the start. Four wins from the first four races is great. There’s a pretty big break now before the fifth round of the championship so I’ll be training hard so I can hopefully win the championship with one race to go.’

Results - Endurocross ’10, Rnd 4

1.    Taddy Blazusiak (KTM Enduro Factory Team)

2.    Geoff Aaron (Christini/KTM)

3.    Gary Sutherlin (Kawasaki)

4.    Justin Soule (Kawasaki)

5.    Cory Graffunder (Husqvarna)

6.    Colton Haaker (Kawasaki)   

Taddy Blazusiak Endurocross Dirtrider.com 
photo by Dirtrider.com

Taddy Blazusiak Seattle Washington 2010

Taddy Blazusiak Seattle Washington 2010

photos by: Drew Ruiz

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